7 Basic Tools for Designers that everyone must have

7 Basic Tools for Designers that everyone must have

Whether you are aspiring to be a designer or you are a pro, tools are an essential part of your job. Finding the right kind of tools not only helps you create a better render, help you work efficiently and make your work much smoother.

Digital renders and presentations are an essential part of the world of designers. With that in mind, it makes sense for you to find something that aids your work.

What to know when you choose your tools?

  • While selecting electronics to remember to have a look at the power consumption. Only purchase the ones that sound economical to you and your use.
  • Other than this, pay close attention to the batteries. Cameras and laptops are some of the essential tools for graphic designers, which is why you should purchase only those that offer you longer battery life.
  • Invest some time in looking for alternatives if you already have a list; this will allow you to find better options and save some money as well.
  • Apart from this, rather than going for brands, look for work-specific accessories. If you work outdoors more often, the look for articles that are built sturdy. Apart from this, if you are working indoors often, then go for high-power tools, as you will not have to worry about dropping them every once in a while.

What can you use as a designer?

The talk of best tools for designers is a relative term. Given the wide nature of every designer’s work, the choice of best tools may differ. However, there are certain tools that every designer must absolutely use or uses from time to time and here is a list of tools:

  • The correct computer: Be it a laptop or a PC, it is essential for you to go with those that offer you a good working capacity. Computers with a hefty RAM and good processor should be your number one choice. Apart from this, the graphic card included in your computer or personal computer should also be one of the primary things for you to keep in mind. Apart from this, here is what you should ask before you finalize a computer:
    • Will it serve your purpose?
    • How long will the battery last?
    • If you are purchasing a laptop, consider its weight.
    • Is the computer 4K?
    • Are there going to be any maintenance costs in the near future?
    • How long does your chosen computer’s company take to repair faults?

Generally speaking, the more you spend the better the machine. For instance, Apple iMac Pro is the most recommended computer to every graphic designer because of incredible graphic (Vega GPU) and insanely powerful processor (18- Core).

Apple iMac Pro

  • Software to back you up: Working as a designer is not simple, and with many things to do, you will need efficient software. Among the most known graphic designing tools you will find Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and many more. Bear in mind that these applications take a lot of space and consume considerable amount power to run. Furthermore, these tools may make your computer lag if you are not using a high-end computer. Consider your work and how often do you need to use the various kinds of software. Also, to keep yourself safe from losing your designs and hard work, find yourself a cloud service to backup all of your data.


  • Hard drive: Since the render that you will create, and the work that you will be doing is going to take up a lot of space on your computer; you should invest some money in purchasing a good hard drive. Research the web for good and reliable companies that offer you a good selection of external hard drives. Also, consider the size of the drives that you will need. Apart from this, make sure that you only purchase those devices that come with a warranty and have the option of extending the warranty. This will help you save yourself from various problems in the future.

Hard drive

  • Graphic Tablet and Stylus: Another essential tool apart from choosing design tools website for help, is a graphics tablet with a stylus. As designers are busy people and are always juggling between projects, they like to design on the go. With many ideas storming your mind, you will need a place to instantly crystallize your ideas and designs. A good graphic tablet will allow you to make the most out of your instant designs. While purchasing a graphic tablet and stylus look for:

Graphic Tablet and Stylus

    • The battery backup of the graphics tablet.
    • Go for quality over brands.
    • Search for durable options.
    • Research on the various types of the stylus and get the best one in your budget.
    • Warranty.
  • Color Swatches: If you work with a lot of print work, then you will need to find a spot on ideas about colors. To make your work easy and comfortable, purchase a swatch book. Swatch books have many color combinations and tones of the same shade. This will help you cement your ideas by offering you direct access to the various colors you will be using. Apart from this, having a swatch book around helps you come up with interesting color combinations that work for various projects.

Color Swatches

  • Notebooks and Sketchbooks: Notebooks and sketchbooks to designers are what air is to humans. Imagining a designer without either one is a difficult task. The ideation process of design starts with some rough sketches. Understanding the concepts and the product you need to design comes only after random sketches of the same thing. Sketchbooks and notebooks allow you to let your mind flow and find the ideas that will work for your project. Furthermore, sketching out your designs also allows you to find a way to come up with better ideas and better designs for any kind of project.

Notebooks and Sketchbooks

  • Monitor calibrator: As a designer, you need to correct about every design that you make. Furthermore, the last thing you’d want is for your design and idea to look completely different as an output. To avoid this, make use of a monitor calibrator which allows you to see exactly what your design will look like. With the help of a monitor calibrator, you can calibrate your monitor and find a way to make the most of your colors.

Monitor calibrator

With many things to keep in mind, finding the right tools for your designs are the most important task. Consider your budget and what kind of requirement you have before you make the purchase.

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