Q: I want to order. What is the procedure?
A: Simply email us or call us with your specification. Once the quote is confirmed we can start with the design process. Once the design draft is ready and approved, on full payment we will process with printing and deliver as quoted.
Q: What is the lead time?
A: Lead time is 7-10 working days. However, under unforeseen circumstances, it may take longer.
Q: Do you provide physical proof?
A: Yes we can provide a physical proof for £20. E-Proof is free of cost.
Q: I am not aware of paper size and paper quality. How do I go about it?
A: Please call us 02079935898 or email us and we will explain to you and provide you options.
Q: what is a standard calendar size?
A: Standard calendar size is A4 ( 297mmx 210mm ). However we can print calendars in any size. There are amny sizes and options you can choose from. See our product list for more information.
Q: what do calendars cost?
A: Calendars start from as low as 17p each. We have published detailed price guide of each calendar type on the respective page. Our calendar prices suit all type of budgets.
Q: What paper is used to make calendars?
A: Typically we do 300 gsm cover page and 170 gsm for inner sheets. Having said that, we can offer calendars in 130gsm, 170gsm, 200gsm, 300 gsm and in both gloss and matt finish.
Q: What is poster calendar?
A: Poster calendar is 1 sheet A3 calendar where all 12 months are published on one big A4 sheet. There is also a hole drilled to hang the poster calendar.
Q: What are the cheapest calendar printing options?
A: Cheapest calendar options are probably tent calendars and A3 poster calendar.
Q: I have a budget. can you deliver me within that budget?
A: Yes absolutely. Simply tell us your budget and number of copies you want and we will give you options within your budget.
Q: Can you print bespoke design or i have to choose a design from your template?
A: We can print bespoke designs as well. You can simply provide us print ready file in PDF or a photo to show us the type of bespoke calendar you are looking for. In most cases we can design the calendar and print.
Q: Can i see videos of the calendars?
A: Yes sure. Videos are as follows:

Q: Do you offer charity calendars?
A: Yes we do offer charity calendars, infact we specilise in them and we offer charity discounts as well. We have some great designs you can choose from for charity calendars.
Q: Do you produce school calendars?
A: Absolutely, we actually specialise in them. We also some great innovative school calendar designs you can choose from. have a look at our design blog –
Q: What is the ordering process?
A: Ordering process is very simple because we do everything for you. All you have to tell is the type of calendar you want and number of copies you are looking to print.
1 Have a look at calendar types – Pick and choose the type of calendar you are looking for.
2 Click on the type of calendar you chose, under our products. View the video of the calendar, view detailed price guide with different paper options, number of sheets and other specifications.
3 Fill in the quote form with the calendar type you have chosen and number of copies with the specification. We will email you the exact quotation inclusing all costs.
4 Once you are happy with the quotation, simply send us your images ( we can source the images for you as well ), and instructions that you want to publish on the calendar. For example picture captions, credits, company information, logo, sponsors, about charity/school/business. We can print anything you can think of on the calendar because we print bespoke calendars.
5 Once we receive your information and instructions, we will prepare a draft design free of cost ( deposit required in some cases), and send you a PDF copy for your approval.
6 We can then make revisions if required.
7 Once you are happy with the draft design, we will raise the final invoice. On payment, we will process with printing and deliver to 1 mainland UK address in 7-10 working days. We can also deliver to different UK addresses. Please get in touch for more details.
Q: Can we can send you 12 images of our choice, one for each month and you will re-size to fit your template. Is this correct?
A: Yes, thats correct
Q: Do we also have a ‘say’ in the colour of the text of the page (dates, month, etc.) or will these be in black?
A: We can customise colours, no problem. We can have different colours than black. Set up charge of £30+vat may apply.
Q: At the bottom were it says company details can we use our logo and company details like telephone, email and web?
A: Yes absolutely, you can use your logo and publish company details.

Q: How much envelops costs?
A: Envelops for A4 calendars costs 13p each + vat
Envelops for A3 calendars costs 20p each + vat
Envelops for Slim wall kitchen calendars costs 20p each + vat
Q: Can we provide our own print ready artwork?
A: Yes you can.
Q: Can we print our own pictures and place our logo or sponsor logo?
A: Yes you can.
Q: Do you provide design service and is it free?
A: Design is Free if you use one of our date’s templates. Call or email us for more options.
Q: Is Delivery Free? And can I change the delivery address after placing an order?
A: Yes delivery is free to one Mainland UK address and yes you can change the delivery address before we dispatch your order.
Q: When do I need to pay?
A: We will invoice you once you confirm us the specification and quote is accepted. Once the payment is made in full, we will start with the print process.
Q: How do I supply artwork or print ready files?
A: You can supply us PDF fonts embedded or working file of your design with fonts. You can upload artwork via different options explained on How to Upload.
Q: Do you print personalized/Customised Calendars?
A: Yes we do, we specialise in printing personalized calendars.
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