Custom Size Calendars Printing

Do you have a different idea for printing custom size calendars for your business? May be a size suitable for indoor desktop use or a bigger size adequate for gathering more recognition outside? Calendars are a perfect reminder of crucial dates and a custom-size calendar is a great recognition for your business. We have the expertise, technical ability and tools to create any size personalised calendar with your pictures, logo, graphics and text. These vibrant full colour calendars also add more beauty and charm to the premises. They are created to hang on walls, keep on desks and stand on grounds.

Make Your Brand Known Throughout The Year!

Where Are Custom size Calendars Used?

Custom size calendars are ideal gifts and promotional material for your clients, corporate events and festivals as these calendars are designed in any size that suits your need. Print custom size calendars with your brand logo, mentioning your company’s mission and motto and gift it to your office employees. With us, you can print personalised custom size calendars with your own design including personalized texts and graphics.

How to design your own Custom Size Calendars?

Simply email us your artwork or send via dropbox, and we will do the rest. If you do not have the printable artwork and looking to design from scratch, please give us a call and we can discuss.


Benefits of Custom-Size Calendars

  1. Economical and successful corporate gift
  2. Designed in any size
  3. Easy to carry during Transportation
  4. High-quality paper
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