Why Calendars Keep Your Brand at the Forefront of Customers’ Minds

Calendars are a very popular way for people to keep track of their events offline and are often given to them by their dentist, doctor, landscaper, real estate agent, and favorite restaurant. It is an integral part of brand promotion nowadays.  As per ASI 2020 Global Ad Impressions Study, 62% of people own promo calendars and 52% keep them for 1 year or longer.

People should look forward to your business’ annual calendar every year. Whether sized to fit in a pocket, to hang on a wall, to hang in the kitchen, they’ll keep your brand on their side wherever they are!

“Designing and printing a calendar for your business is a great way to connect with your community in a professional yet personal way.”, Paul, founder of Knightsbridge estate and agency, one of our esteemed clients was quoted saying.

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Calendars are effective at keeping your brand in the forefront for customers for these 3 main reasons:

Right Time

Calendars are universally needed printed tools for people of all ages and professionals in all industries to track their goals. Many people become used to receiving a yearly calendar from their favorite businesses, and the timing is perfect. You are perceived as being generous at the right time with an upcoming year full of opportunities.


With a fresh print every month, each page will offer a chance to promote what makes you special. For a full year, imagine you captured the interest of clients and prospects every single day. They will remember you when they need you because you become a fixture in their minds.

The best of both worlds AND not expensive

Printing an outstanding design at a lower cost than more expensive promotional items will likely win you over. Having an experienced design team by your side can greatly increase sales. 

Every day, every week, every month is the same, so the greatest calendars stand out for all the right reasons. These are the promotional items that your customers will either display in their homes or carry around. 

Calendar printing 4u is your go-to place for all your calendar-making needs. It is one of the best printing companies in the UK. Personalize your calendar with your photos, captions & logos.

From size to finishing, there are a lot of options. We use the latest printing machines and the finest quality inks and papers. To ensure you get the calendar of your dreams, we have a team of expert designers.

Whatever your needs are, whether promotional calendars for your customers or personalized calendars for your friends, we’ve got you covered. You can count on us to exceed your expectations.

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