Top Tips for Calendar printing in 2020

Tips for Calendar printing in 2020

A new year is a time for replacing the old with the new, and generally, people buy many things for their homes or offices to welcome the new year.

There will be a lot of Calendar printing in 2020, as it is a great way to usher in the new year. Promotional calendars are excellent ideas for marketing your business and products.

A calendar remains visible in an office or home throughout the year and hence, is an excellent marketing tool for your brand or business. An attractive personalized calendar with your brand printed on it is the best gift you can give to your customers.

The days are gone when calendars were just functional, showing the dates, months, and holidays of the year. Nowadays, they are widely being used as marketing tools for business promotions.

Everyone loves gifts and calendars are a great gifting option. But printing promotional calendars has its challenges and can also be expensive affairs.

The look of the calendar has to be carefully designed as it should create a lasting impression on the person who receives it as a gift.

Top Tips for Calendar Printing in 2020

The following tips have been given to help you design your personalized calendar in the best possible manner:

Decide your theme first:

One of the first things you need to be clear about is the theme for your personalized calendar. The theme should be something that will work well for your brand.

You have to choose the style, fonts, and design that matches your vision perfectly. You should be aware of the group of people you are targeting and select a theme that is most suitable for them.

The theme has to be consistent throughout all the months of the year. It need not be too business-like, but it should be a good promotion for your brand or the services you are offering.

Choose images carefully:

The central part of your calendar that will attract attention will always be the images on the page. The photos have to be of the highest possible resolution.

They should be such that they will not get pixelated after printing. You can use any beautiful image that will stand out, such as from any trips you might have gone to during vacation.

They can be of wildlife, or beautiful scenery, or artistic objects. But ensure that they are not too out of context to your brand and theme. It will be a good idea to add captions that will relate the image to the brand. People love reading content on their calendar.

Choose the type of calendar:

You should decide on the kind of calendar that will be best suited for your targeted customers. Wall calendars or poster calendars may work for specific customers, while for others, small card calendars or magnetic ones may do the trick.

Small calendars will be more economical for you. Here you can use your imagination and visualize in what ways the customer will use your calendar at his home or office. Try to imagine where your calendar will be hung or kept for display at your customer’s place. Decide whether you want a matte or glossy look for your pages.

Use your calendar to promote your brand:

Along with useful information regarding holidays or festivals, you can also promote your brand in your personalized calendar.

If you are a person who deals in ready-made garments, you can add reminders on the pages about dresses suitable for that month or season.

For example; if it is winter, you can showcase your range of winter wear. Similarly, be sure to highlight crucial days of the year, such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, when you hold exclusive discount sales.

Don’t forget to make your calendar functional:

Make sure that in your efforts to make your personalized calendar eye-catching, it does not lose its functions as a regular calendar.

Even if they are promotional calendars, they should be easily readable with the dates and months clearly visible. All-important days and holidays should be displayed in a different colour, and there should be space for a brief description of the significance of particular days.

Promotional calendars are the best gift to give, whether it is to your friend, business associate, or any customer. They will be on display on their walls or tables throughout the year and can showcase your services or products very nicely.

The above tips are meant as guidelines when you undertake your calendar printing in 2020. They will help to make your brand name stand out and create a favourable impression of you and your business in the eyes of the customer.

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