7 Reasons why Promotional Calendars are Good Marketing Gifts

promotional calendars

If you want to improve your brand’s visibility and make your products familiar to your potential customers, then you must leverage the power of promotional marketing gifts. You can promote your brand by handing over calendars as gifts to customers at exhibitions, trade shows, or other events. Of all the marketing gifts, promotional calendars are the first choice for most brands as they are very effective marketing tools that fit perfectly into your budget. In addition, they provide many benefits, which even modern digital marketing tools cannot offer. They enable your products and services to remain in the customers’ minds throughout the year.

Through this article, we will highlight the reasons why promotional calendars are the perfect marketing gifts.

Why Promotional Calendars are Effective Marketing Tools

These are the reasons:

1. They are Affordable

Compared to other marketing methods like newspaper or television ads, promotional calendars are cost-effective. The cost per calendar is very low, and therefore this enables you to reach a significant number of potential and existing customers without exceeding your budget. You will only need a small investment to produce a large number of calendars to gift your customers. Another advantage of these calendars is that there is no wastage compared to mass advertisements on media like television or radio. The messages delivered through them sometimes do not reach the intended audience. You also have total control over whom to gift the calendar. It lets you choose what messages you want to send to your targeted audience.

2. Enhance your Brand Awareness

A promotional calendar lets you showcase your brand to your customers in ways that bring out its uniqueness and strong points. You can advertise the features of your products and services using high-quality images without employing too many words. By using short, catchy phrases, you can attract your audience’s attention easily. Print your brand name, logo, and contact information on every page so that they are visible to customers throughout the day.

3. They have Practical Uses

Customers like gifts that have practical applications in their daily life. They love receiving calendars and look forward to them every year. People look at calendars many times during the day when they have to set appointments or arrange meetings. Imagine how many times they are likely to see your brand name, logo, and images of products that are printed on every page of your calendar. Make sure that your calendar is attractive and creatively designed with high-resolution images and outstanding graphics. People love to proudly display beautiful calendars on their office or home walls as they enhance their interiors. All these make calendars perfect promotional gifts for your business.

4. Great Lasting Power

Calendars have great longevity and can promote your business for twelve months of the year. Even though firms are using more of digital marketing methods, promotional calendars are still relevant. They give you more value for your investment than other marketing methods. The cost per calendar becomes very negligible compared to the benefits you receive.

5. They have a Physical Presence

One great advantage of calendars is that they are tangible and will be placed in a prominent place where they will be visible to everyone. This gives it an edge over promotional ideas like online ads or radio spots, which are not physical. Another benefit they have over digital ads is that anyone can view calendars since you do not require devices like laptops or smartphones to see them. Manufacturing a calendar may not require advanced technology, but it is still effective enough to promote your products and services.

6. Helps Build Customer Loyalty

The gesture of gifting calendars to your existing customers or prospective clients forms a favourable impression of your brand in customers’ minds. They will remember your brand and will think of doing business with you in the future. By gifting promotional calendars, you lay the foundation for a lasting business relationship that will pay rich dividends in the long run.

7. Highly Customizable

Calendars can be personalized in any way as per your business requirements and the audience you are targeting. You have the freedom to use any type of layout, size, colour, or theme you like. Choose the quality of paper you want, whether glossy or matt, as per your requirement. For multi-page calendars, you can choose from different binding styles like spiral binding or saddle-stitch binding.

Promotional calendars are indeed the best way to promote your brand to your target audience since they offer so many benefits. Ensure that you print your calendar in time to gift your customers by the yearend. Devote some quality time to plan the look of your calendar and keep ready the photos or illustrations you may need to print on every page. You can also use calendars to complement other modern marketing tools like social media to attract more customers and retain existing ones.

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