Personalized Calendars are the best gifts

There was a time when calendars were used as a tool for checking dates. Then it got little modified and started to come with some more information such as list of holidays. Time changed and calendars become more graphically interesting.

Then came a time when the calendars were printed with photos of kittens, cars, nature photos, quotations etc. These were actually beautiful as compared to the boring calendars in the past, but there was no option available to customize the calendars.

What used to be a piece of paper with just dates and months printed on it, has now become an interesting graphical calendar book. Nowadays, people prefer personalized calendars which they use at their homes and in offices.

These personalized calendars are good items to gift someone. Imagine gifting a personalized calendar to your loved ones with their photos on every page! This will surely give them amazing feelings. When you gift your mom a personalized calendar with her photos on every page, she will truly love it. Or you can get a personalized calendar printed with pictures of you and your love.

How about gifting personalized photo calendars to every guest who visited your marriage? Or to everyone who attended your birthday party? This is really going to be cool if you do this.

The photo calendar is one of the most beautiful things you can gift to someone. If there is some special occasion at your home and you want to gift something really special to your loved one, what can be better than a personalized photo calendar with a personal touch?


What is a personalized calendar?

A personalized calendar is a calendar only but with a personal touch. This means, you can design your own calendar or can pick templates and work on them. You can add your own design and also can add your own photographs.

The cost of the personalized photo calendar depends on various factors. From the quality of the paper, the number of pages to the design and customization, the cost gets increased or decreased accordingly. You can pick a 12-page calendar, a 6-page calendar and the price will be influenced accordingly.

It is always good that you get personalized calendars printed in bulk. When you order the photo calendar printing in bulk, let’s say 100 or 150, you will get a great discount instead of ordering a few calendars.

If you own a business be it a bakery, a clinic, a school or a gym, etc. personalized calendars are the best things to gift your clients or customers. You can even gift to your friends as well. You can gift calendars during Christmas for New Year and your customers will be totally impressed with you.

Also, this is yet another way of promoting your business. You can add your business name, logo, contact details etc. at the bottom or top of the calendar pages. This will spread your business name. If you gift a personalized calendar to your customer, s/he puts it at his home and the calendar grabs the attention of someone at the home, the person will surely have a look at it.

Thus, it’s like killing two birds with the same stone. You are gifting a personalized gift to someone and at the same time, you are doing an advertisement for your brand. One good thing is that this gift remains an integral part of someone’s life for a year and the person will use it every day.

Personalized photo calendars come in both horizontal and vertical orientation and you can choose one as per your taste. Also, you can pick a 12-year cycle as per the month. For example, if you have to gift the personalized calendars for New Year, then it will be from January to December as usual. But you can pick June to July, September to August, etc. as per the month.

There is a great benefit of having a personalized calendar for everyday use. You can photo calendar printed with the photographs of your first born baby. This will make you feel special every day when you look at the calendar for checking dates and other information. This feeling of becoming a mother is always incredible and every day you will get to see the photographs when your child moves out of home for study or anything else. A photo calendar will make you feel amazing. The photo calendar is the best way to express your old memories while at the same time you are treasuring new memories.

Depending on your requirements, there are many formats and you can select accordingly. You can pick a poster calendar or a wall calendar or even a desk calendar. All these calendars have their own purposes. You can have a personalized desk calendar for your desk at your office and can easily grab everyone’s attention. A desk calendar is attractive and keeps you feel amazing.

All you have to do is just decide a format which you want and then the photos which you need to be in the calendar. There are many online websites which offer high-quality photo calendar printing service. And you can order your photo calendar printing from there. You can pick the quality of paper as per your desire from matte to gloss printing.

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