How Promotional Calendars Can Help Boost Your Business


There is no second thought that promotional marketing calendars enhance the prominence and visibility of a brand.

Businesses usually use promo items at a trade show or send flyers to their potential clients through mailing campaigns.

But promotional calendars have been an extremely communicative, versatile and practical way to enhance brand visibility. 

So are you planning to utilize promotional calendars to boost up your business? But before that, it’s important to know the benefits before taking this step. 

Here are a few ways of how promotional calendars can help increase your brand awareness.

  1. Practicality

A calendar is useful for brand visibility irrespective of the business vertical. This forms a touchpoint between the target customers and the promotional product/service. 

To keep it simple, just count the number of times you check your wall or desk calendar. An average person consults a calendar many times in a day that means customers or prospects will think about the organization or business. 

  1. Multiple numbers of Calendar

If you plan to have a key chain as a promotional marketing gift, think about how many key chains an individual will want?

Most probably one! While speaking of calendars, people usually keep one on their desks and also hangs calendars on the common office area or in their room.

You can offer a great variety to your customers with a promo calendar that they can hang in their office or home. 

  1. Affordable

The cost of a promotional business calendar is affordable and the existing customers you can reach through these calendars are staggering.

This means a modest investment can help you target thousands of customers. The best part is calendars come in different sizes and shapes so you can go with a size that is affordable and works for your clientele.

For example, if you are not that high on a budget then consider going for a desktop calendar that is used in the office as it is compact and comes in budget. 

Remember, a high-quality promotional product offers you constant promotion round the year. 

  1. Wide Appeal

The promotional calendar has universal appeal and is perfect for every vertical or line of business. A calendar is a very common sight used in home and office.

You can tailor the calendars based on the client’s interests and needs. This will give your business boost and will be valuable for the person receiving it. 

  1. Continuous Presence

Handling promotional items to your audience is one thing and providing promotional items by making it useful is another.

Most of the calendars hanged at your home are promotional as they are the most effective way of brand awareness. Custom calendar having promotional imprint will enhance your brand and keep your brand present in the mind of your clients for a year.

The calendar is something that we look at day after day. And every time we look at the calendar, we become more familiar and biased towards the brand. 

If you break the price of the calendar with a year, the price is next to nothing. The brand gets imprint in our minds eventually.

The great benefits are unlike printed brochures or flyers, calendar won’t be put into a drawer and forgotten. 

One of the leading construction companies in the UK, Ambrose Construction, uses this technique by putting their projects in the form of illustrations in a calendar to showcase their work which causes the user to associate their brand with their work. 

  1. Present Everywhere

There are only a few places where calendars can’t be used. And people don’t outright feel that they are getting exposed to promotional advertising.

A calendar is so vital in daily life that people don’t care if they are branded or not. 

  1. Functional Gift

A calendar is not considered as blatant advertising. This meaningful gift is a cost-effective way to offer extra value to your clients. 

  1. Build Endorsement and Referrals

When your business calendar is on the display, the audience can see the logo. This is a useful way to build a reputation and also act as a referral source.

Personal recommendations work well as people are looking for a trusted company. The calendar works wonderfully as a referral source.

For example, if a person chooses to display your calendar on their home or office, they will have a glance at the logo every single day.

They will remember the logo of your company and service even when the calendar is not in front of them.

And whenever someone says your company name or asked for a service, that person will rattle your name quickly. On the contrary, this won’t be the case with flyers. The flyers are considered advertisements rather than a gift. 

  1. Reflect your brand personality

With multiple designs to select from, you can build a unique impression of your brand through the calendar.

For instance, exotic car models work great for the automotive industry. This way you can communicate professionalism to your client. 

  1. Longevity

How long do you keep a promotional flyer? May be till the time you don’t pass a dustbin or may keep it on a fridge.

Calendars can be used for months as they are annual and can’t be replaced before the year ends. Of course, you need to stay aware when to send the next updated version of your calendar to your clients. 

  1. Long-Lasting Relation

A custom calendar handed to your customer when they visit your store to say thanks garner lasting value to the recipient.

You should prioritize by distributing three kinds of calendars: Prospected, Existing customers, and Business associates. 

  1. Affordable than other Promotional Medium

Pocket planners and calendars are affordable than newspapers than radio, newspaper, and TV. The promotional calendar lasts longer than any other medium of advertisement.

Mostly chances are people will flip your ad if you put it on local newspaper or chances are they may mute the TV and go to the bathroom when your ad comes.

But with the calendar, your customers will see the advertisement every day as it is hanging on their wall. 

When you gift people your company personalized calendars, they are most likely to look at it daily for a long time. This will increase the brand visibility and chance of more conversion of your potential clients.

When the logo and contact appeals with the client’s personality, clients are more likely to invest in your service and product.

You can also send it to top-tier prospects to show that you would like to create a beneficial business relationship. So don’t think twice before going for this “quiet promotional opportunity” for your brand.

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