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Tent Calendars

tent-calendarTent Calendars are 6 months each side view calendar which can be used in offices. They are the most cheap and cheerful type of calendars used by companies to promote their service. We print tent calendars in 350 gsm gloss or matt.


Calendars are must have items in offices where you need to plan your professional schedule and remind yourselves important occasions. Tent Calendars are perfect for your employees’ cubicle desks where they perform the miracles during their office hours. Tent Calendar printing is not that orthodox anymore as it was in 90’s. We will create customised and elegant tent calendars with your pictures, logo, graphics and text. These calendars invigorate the ambience and spread contentment during work stress.


Custom printed tent calendars are two-sided and are freestanding. These calendars are created to be kept on any flat surface. During transportations, tent calendars don’t require extra space because of their foldable design. CMYK printing process and 300 gsm art card is used by our professional team, which will survive dust and dirt on your desk and will stand strong throughout the year. 


” Tent Calendars are also called Table Talkers and can be designed and printed in any size and shape “


Where Are Tent Calendars Used?

Tent calendars are a perfect gifting option for your clients to promote your business relations. Print tent calendars for your own office employees with your brand logo and your company’s mission and motto. With us, you can print personalised tent calendars with your own design including personalized texts and graphics. 


How to design your own personalised tent calendar?

Design Instructions


Download a Microsoft Word template from here
Insert your images and text (Remember to select ‘behind text’ from the wrap text options for each image to make images appear correctly on the design.)
Save the file and email it to us at with your contact back details. We’ll print your customised tent calendar at a cheaper price than others.


Call us on 0207-993-5898 and our experienced and dexterous graphic designers can design your personalised tent calendar according to your instructions


Benefits of Tent Calendars


  1. Economical and Successful Corporate Gift
  2. Designed with flat and ready to be used glued base
  3. Foldable During Transportation
  4. High-quality card board and printing used
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